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Keep your complaints under control

Thanks to the Reklamio complaints system, dealing with inconveniences resulting from complaints becomes a breeze. Our innovative solution offers the simplicity and efficiency you need to resolve complaints quickly and seamlessly and manage the entire complaints process efficiently.


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Complaint process simply and clearly


Acceptance and assignment of complaint

Establishment of a complaint, recording of all data, photo documentation, assignment of a complaint to technicians for processing, everything quickly and clearly.


Processing and progress of complaints

Keep track of the progress of all complaints and get the information you need immediately, the notification system will alert you to important events in time.


Data analysis and reporting

The system automatically prepares up-to-date statistics on the overall status of complaints. One-click output including graphs with the option of exporting them is available.


Large volumes of complaints are not a barrier

The complaints management system was developed in cooperation with companies with high turnover of goods and therefore demanding requirements for effective complaints handling. So it can handle hundreds or even thousands of complaints a day.


Integration and connection to external systems

Don’t waste time with routine activities and let the system do the work for you. Connecting to the accounting, warehouse and e-shop systems of your B2B partners automates these activities and saves you time and money.

Different roles, one solution

Receipt of complaint, its resolution and handling. Each of these tasks is handled by a different link in the complaint chain, from the customer or retailer, to the dispatcher and the technician assessing a complaint.


Both the customer and the receiving technician/salesperson in a brick-and-mortar branch can enter a complaint into the system via the web interface.


A dispatcher is automatically informed about the entry of a new complaint into the system and decides on how to proceed and, if appropriate, adds the necessary details.


The technician who receives a complaint evaluates the cause of the problem, decides if the complaint is justified and proposes a solution.

CustomerThe customer is kept informed of the progress and results of the solution of a complaint. Finally, a complaint is handed over to a customer and concluded.

The customer is kept informed of the progress and results of the solution of a complaint. Finally, a complaint is handed over to a customer and concluded.


Nurture good relationships with your partners

The speed of processing, easy monitoring and tracking of complaint status help to improve the overall satisfaction of your business partners, who will no longer have to deal with a lack of clarity or busy telephone lines.


Save the cost of developing your own solution

Reklamio is no ordinary off-the-shelf solution. Thanks to its flexibility and scalability, it gives companies the opportunity to adapt and develop it in accordance with their needs. So the system adapts to you, not you to it.



Efficient management

Comprehensive overview of progress and planning of complaints.


Cost savings

Process optimisation reduces costs of complaint handling.


Keeping an eye on deadlines

Effective monitoring and control of complaint handling deadlines.



No more routine tasks. Let the Reklamio system do the work for you.


Access from anywhere

A responsive web interface without the need for software installation.

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“The new complaint management system enables us to easily handle and manage complaints from our customers, particularly our wholesale clients. Thanks to the Reklamio system, the entire process of managing complaints is very fast and efficient.”

Tomáš Dybal

Head of the Complaints Department

“The complaints management system helps us to manage the entire complaints process efficiently. Thanks to a direct connection to other in-house systems and processes, we save our employees’ time and have an overview of the status of all complaints.”

Martin Tomášik

Business Intelligence Manager / SAPHO – UBC s.r.o.

“Thanks to the complaints system, we have control over the entire complaints process, and our customers especially appreciate the ease of communication with the people who are handling the complaints.”

Ing. Semir Boughattas

Executive Officer, IVAR CS, spol. s r. o.

"Thanks to the complaint system, the entire process from receiving a complaint from the customer by our dispatcher to resolving it by the technician is significantly facilitated. The system also allows for recording communication with customers and monitoring technician dispatches."

Jiří Polánský

Business manager


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