Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Reklamio system different to other solutions?

The Reklamio system was created in cooperation with companies with a high turnover of goods. As a result, it is optimised for efficient processing of a large number of complaints, often reaching hundreds or thousands of cases per day.

While many competing systems are often part of complex software solutions such as CRM and ERP, our decision was to focus maximum attention only on the complaints process and related tasks. Reklamio is therefore fully dedicated to the needs of complaints management and offers an efficient and easy-to-use environment for complaints processing and tracking.

Can the complaints management system be adapted to meet the specific needs and processes of each organisation?

We understand that the system’s universality has its limits and may not always fully suit established processes and ways of working in different companies. That’s why Reklamio was designed with scalability and flexibility in mind, allowing it to be adapted to the specific needs and processes of each organisation.

This includes defining different types of complaints, complaint statuses, allowed actions, user roles and other parameters. It is also possible to modify and define your own complaint procedures, approval processes and add specific steps in accordance with your internal needs. All these individual elements will be captured and described in the initial analysis, which will then define the scope of an expansion and individualisation of the complaint system.

What is the benefit of a complaints management system compared to traditional complaints handling methods?

The implementation of Reklamio brings a modern and effective solution for organisations seeking to improve customer service, optimise processes and increase the overall efficiency of their business. Key benefits include, for example:

Process automation: The complaints management system allows you to automate many stages of the complaints process, from the submission of a complaint to its resolution. It minimises manual work, making the entire process faster and more efficient and reducing errors.

Data monitoring and analysis: Reklamio enables efficient tracking and analysis of complaint data. This provides organisations with valuable information on recurring problems, trends in complaints and ways to improve products or services.

Improved overview: Thanks to a centralised and digital approach, the complaints department staff has a better overview of the status of all complaints. This facilitates coordination, communication and prevents loss of information.

Accelerated response to the customer: Automation and tracking enable rapid responses to complaints. Customers can be kept informed of the progress of their complaint, which increases their satisfaction.

How is Reklamio useful for managers and how does it help them manage processes effectively?

Reklamio’s complaints system provides managers with significant utility through centralised tracking of all complaints and data analysis tools. In this way, managers gain insight into current issues, can identify trends and make strategic decisions about process optimisation and product or service improvements. The system allows managers to quickly determine priorities and monitor the performance of their teams, contributing to the efficient management of the entire complaints process.

With analytics, reporting and centralised tracking, the complaints system provides managers with the tools to quickly identify recurring issues, improve team performance and make strategic decisions to optimise complaints processes. This efficiency leads to faster complaint resolution and increased customer satisfaction.

Does Reklamio allow integration with existing business systems and software?

The Reklamio system is designed to offer easy integration with existing business systems and software. In general, we can connect Reklamio to any solution, but the specific method of integration depends on the nature of the system and the client’s individual needs. All aspects of connections to other systems will be defined in an initial analysis describing which systems Reklamio is to be connected to and how the systems communicate.Is Reklamio software, a plugin or an app?

Is Reklamio software, a plugin or an app?

Reklamio is designed as a web app. Through the web interface, the complaints system can be accessed from anywhere using a web browser. The fully responsive design ensures that the user interface automatically adapts to different types of devices, including computers, tablets and smart phones.

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