Flexible solution for large companies

Complaints records

Track complaints from their creation to successful resolution, easily search, filter and comment.


Easy inputting of complaints

Complaints are submitted via a simple and clear form in the web interface.


Monitoring of deadlines for complaints handling

The system closely monitors all key deadlines from receipt of a complaint to its resolution, so no complaint goes unattended.


Archiving of all communications

Consult the communication archive whenever you need to trace when and how a complaint was received and handled.


Smart searching

Advanced filtering and smart searching are implemented to make it easier to navigate a large number of complaints.


Codes for label printer

The convenient generation of codes for a label printer facilitates the subsequent identification of products about which a complaint is made.


Export of complaint record

Creating a complaint record in PDF format is now a matter of one click, the system takes care of everything.

Statistics and reports

System statistics allow you to monitor and evaluate the quality of products or the efficiency of complaint handling.


Basic statistics

Track the number of new complaints, complaints with a technician, rejected and resolved complaints in clear graphs and statistics.


Customising data displayed

The system allows you to easily filter statistics and individually customise their display in accordance with your needs and preferences.


Customised statistics

We will create customised statistics that perfectly match your processes and needs.



With one click you can export complaints to CSV, so you can easily use complaints data, for example, in Excel.

User management

Creating, editing and managing users is a breeze, as is assigning roles and access rights.User roles and rights


User roles and rights

Easy user management, role assignment and user rights give you control over access and management of team members.


User statistics

Get an overview of each user’s complaint history with clear statistics.


With notifications, you can keep track of important events and respond flexibly to customers’ and partners’ needs.


Customer notifications

Automatic e-mail notifications of complaint status for your customers or business partners.


Notifications to team members

Notifications sent via e-mail to team members that announce complaint assignments, new comments and other events.


Automated notifications

Automated notifications that are generated and sent automatically based on certain events or actions in the system.


In-app notifications

Notifications informing about important events that are displayed directly to users in the app.

Integration and connection

By automating routine tasks through connection to other systems, you achieve greater efficiency and lower costs.


Warehouse and accounting systems

The system enables connection to your warehouse and accounting systems, such as Pohoda, ABRA FlexiBee, etc.


E-shops and B2B partners’ systems

Connection to e-shops and B2B partners’ systems facilitates complaints management and communication with business partners.

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